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Each session is tailored to the needs of your child and will support them in developing, not only their subject knowledge, but their communication skills, confidence and self-esteem; the skills they need to face challenges and to succeed in life.

Underpinning each and every one of our lessons, is a clear focus on developing confidence, creativity, curiosity and good mental health and well-being. 


All of our lessons are suitable for children who have a range of additional learning needs, including children who need extra support with: communication and interaction;  cognition and learning; social, emotional and mental health and sensory or physical needs.


1:1 tutoring has become a popular option for children when they and their parents feel they would benefit from additional support and challenge. Bloom Education's 1:1 lessons are highly personalised and are planned to ensure progression. We also offer small group tutoring which comes with the added benefits of learning alongside others.

School Holidays

At Bloom Education, we continue to offer our popular 1:1 and small group tutoring lessons which promote positive well-being and confidence. We use the approaching term and our knowledge of the children and their individual needs as a guide for our lessons, helping children to feel as prepared as possible for the academic term ahead.


We understand that school is not always the right environment for children to bloom and there are a number of reasons as to why there needs to be a different option. Whether this is due to additional learning needs, anxiety, autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) or just that you have decided mainstream education is not the right path for your child, we would like to help.

We aim to provide an environment in which children feel safe, nurtured and valued whilst having the benefit of lessons from qualified teachers, built around their individual needs.


We are aware that, despite the best intentions of highly skilled, dedicated and compassionate school staff, children and young people don't always find it easy to thrive in a mainstream setting with the demands of a full-time timetable. Sometimes, they may be waiting for a place in an alternative and specialised provision or just find the demands of a full day at school difficult and are on reduced timetables. We work closely with many local schools and other agencies to support children with their education. One of the services we offer is that of a 'stepping stone', providing children with personalised 1:1 lessons in an alternative setting to give them the confidence to either return to full-time mainstream education or their preferred provision. We work closely with schools, parents and other agencies to contribute to a full and rounded support network of care for the individual child.

Although we are an independent business, we have good links with the local authority and many of the children we work with during the school day are referred to us by schools.