Each session is tailored to the needs of your child and will support them in developing, not only their subject knowledge, but their communication skills, confidence and self-esteem; the skills they need to face challenges and to succeed in life.

Underpinning each and every one of our lessons, is a clear focus on developing confidence, creativity, curiosity and good mental health and well-being. 


All of our lessons are suitable for children who have a range of additional learning needs, including children who need extra support with: communication and interaction;  cognition and learning; social, emotional and mental health and sensory or physical needs.


Tutoring has become a popular option for children when parents feel they would benefit from additional support and challenge. Tutoring in small groups ensures that all children's needs are met without losing the many benefits associated with learning alongside peers. The opportunity and time for each child’s voice to be fully heard will increase their self-confidence and the opportunity to bloom.


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School Holidays

The school holidays provide an excellent opportunity for children to continue to bloom!


At Bloom Education we continue to offer our popular 1:1 and group tutoring sessions that promote positive well-being and confidence. We use the approaching term as a guide for our sessions, helping children to feel as prepared as possible for the academic term ahead.

Alongside this, we also offer a variety of different workshops including: challenge and resilience, SPaG bootcamp, creative writing, 'escape room' maths and spelling superheroes. 


We understand that school is not always the right environment for children to bloom and there are a number of reasons as to why there needs to be a different option. Whether this is due to additional learning needs, anxiety, autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) or just that you have decided mainstream education is not the right path for your child, we would like to help.

We aim to provide an environment in which children feel safe, nurtured and valued whilst having the benefit of lessons from qualified teachers, built around their individual needs.


Due to the popularity of our after school, 1:1 and small group tutoring, we are now offering before school lessons. Studies have shown that children are often more receptive to new learning in the morning and that an early learning experience can lead to a more positive and productive day .


Help your child to get the best possible start to the day with a personalised, 1:1* tutoring lesson from 07:30, Monday-Thursday for £45. Price includes a healthy breakfast snack and drop off at a local school (we are both fully insured to drive or walk the children to their school). If you do not require your child to be dropped off at school, the price for these lessons is £40.

*If your child has a friend in the same year group at the same school and they would like to have a lesson together, the rate reduces to £35 per child.  

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